Is he playing me for a fool? Help me I need advice...

Sorry it's long I just need advice thanks

So I started talking with this guy end of November were not serious are anything but we both really like each other. Anyways he has a baby momma (I don't like to use the term) it didn't really bother me at first. Now he spends more time with her than me I haven't seen him in three weeks we use o be together at least 2-3 times during the week. He changed toward me he no longer flirts with me ;(. Of I ask to hangout he'll have a million and one excuses. I see on Facebook that he's tagged in her posts or pictures. My all time hurtful one I seen was for Valentine's day happy Valentine's day baby I love you that's what he told her and just now she told him I miss my hunnie tagged his name come back home to me he's away for work right now. I'm like bitch you don't know what miss is. I don't know I feel Ike I'm losing my mind I like this guy so much that's why I'm jealous I guess. But if he wants her then I'd be happy for him even if it hurts ;(

And I can't really confront him about any of this Because were not together like this. I Just feel like he's toying around with my emotions which sucks

I just wish he'd tell instead of finding out from Facebook

He still texts me good morning and stuff. I just feel so confused about it all I still want him as dumb as that sounds :( this hurts


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  • If it hurts, cut it off and be done with it, because she's ALWAYS gonna be in the picture--they have a kid together.

    He's telling you he's not interested without coming right out and saying it, so move on and find someone who'll realize just how dang great you are and not treat you like you're second best.


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  • i think he's trying not to hurt your feelings

  • Change your phone number and then he can't text you anymore. It takes two seconds on the phone with your cell carrier and THAT will get his attention AND show you have a spine.

    Come on, self respect is sexier than someone you can bulldoze. Just sayin'.

    He's like a stuck on bandaid, rip it off faster to get over the hurt quickly instead of slowly peeling it up and dragging it out.

    All in all, this doesn't bode well for you.

  • Sounds like his heart is elsewhere. Let him go :(