Was there a reason to this message or am I over thinking it?

About a year and 1/2 ago I met this guy. It was a long distance thing and I wasn't expecting anything out of it. He came to visit my town for a vacation and we hit it off really well. Since then he has always said he can't get me out of his head and that he usually gets over someone by now. I told him that I just wanted to be single.

6 or so months later he begs with me for him to come see me or vise versa; he said he would even pay for my ticket! I told him I'm scared of getting hurt being long distance and he just kept pleading for about a month until I stopped replying.

6 months later, I am actually ready for something more and we haven't talked in a while. He messages me on Facebook: "You alive?" and I told him that I was. He reply "Ok good". Then I asked why such a random question, and he never replied. I sent him 2 more messages within a span of 3 days after that. When I actually went to his Facebook it looked like him and this girl were in a relationship from the way they were talking. There isn't any picture of them together nor does it say in his Facebook status. So I sent him another message saying that I was sorry for sending so many messages and I will respect the fact that he is now taken.

But I am curious. If he has a girlfriend and we haven't been in touch for a while, why would he send me that message on Facebook? Or am I just over thinking and that message is just him saying "hi".

He just told me that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Ok..now I am super confused. @_@


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  • Overthinking it/he might be keeping his options open/he was curious if you were alive.

    • I get confused with your post. "keeping options open" does that mean he is interested and might want to see where things go? Or keeping his options open if they break up or something? To be honest, I'm not sure if they are dating. It isn't on his Facebook, but they seem to be exchanging messages between each other often.

    • Oh, there's def. something happening. As for the keeping it open...both, but only if it's in his interest. Pretty selfless hunh?

    • Well, I guess it's called for. He did like me in the past and I wasn't ready. To be honest, I'm suprised any guy was last that long. After a few months of rejection, I'll look for greener pastures. Lucy for me, he isn't taken yet.

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