who asks first to hangout? Do you wait for the guy/girl to text you first?

so I like this guy , and the last time we hungout I initiated it, so I feel like I should wait for him to initiate it next time. he told me Friday he wanted to hangout this weekend, so I am assuming that he would text me if he wanted to hangout? girls: what do you do? do you wait for the guys to text you? guys: what would you do if you told a girl you wanted to hangout? do you wait for her to text you?


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  • I think it works both ways. If you initiated the first hang out then he should do the next. Maybe he is shy. Sometimes the guy waits for the girl o do all the work . I guess give it some time and if you don't here back from him. Then text him if you really want to see him and hang out with him. I know it sucks but sometiems girls have to do the work with textign because guys are lazy and laid back with texting.


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