Family members trying to hook me up with another girl....awkward /weird

About a month ago I visited my family members in Texas. I grew up in Colorado and currently live in SoCal. Long story short I was out there for only 2 days and haven't seen some relatives in close to five years. There ended up being a family party at my aunt's house where several of my cousins, other aunts/uncles, grandparents and family friends showed up. I have girl cousins who are all in their late teens. One of their friends had an older sister who is around 21-23 (not sure...but that's is what age I guessed) I'm 30. When she was around I was kind of obvious that she was invited over to meet me. I laughed along and acted like it wasn't contrived, but I could read between the lines. To make matters cruelly ironic she was actually a way cute blond. In any other situation I would have been all over her.

I managed to get my sense of humor on during the party (I like making fun of politically incorrect effeminate Starbucks baristas...she laughed her head off). But now my aunt/uncle are talking to my parents about "well does he like the girl"...and so forth.

I know my family means well, but when the fact they are trying to hook me up somebody else is actually really insulting. It's an unwanted sympathy, like "oh you poor lonely chump...we got just the girl for need help"...well I DON'T WANT their help.

Now my little sister is claiming this girl is saying I'm very handsome and wants to talk to me (she's talking to my sister via Facebook).

Should I just blow this thing off? I'm in another state anyway. It's a shame I didn't meet this girl under different circumstances.


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  • it does seem a bit disconcerting that your whole family is all over this, but I bet many of my family members would be on top of it if I were in your situation. My first thought was to say no and cut off the "relationship" with this girl simply to nib the problem in the bud, imagine what they would be like if you did continue with this girl- would it get worse then? or would it get worse if you were to not contact this girl despite their encouragement. But maybe none of it matters - if you like her then just go for it and maybe tell your family to back off, but as you said you don't even live in Texas anymore. Maybe this is over thinking, just figure out what you want more, the girl or peace and quiet from your family

  • give it a try. I know it can be insulting but they mean well


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