How do I take my relationship to the next level?

I've gone on a date with this guy 4 times and tonight will be the 5th, but I am really interested in developing a serious relationship with him. He and I both met on and he was the first one to email me. He had recently told me he was on there to find a serious relationship like myself and we clicked right away from the first date.

I'm confused though because he said he wants to take baby steps but isn't seeing anyone else which I can believe because we always talk on the phone and text when we're not together. I also recently told him that my Match account is going to end at the end of this month and said do you think I should resign up? I wasn't trying to corner him, but I did want the honest truth even if he said yes, resign up. He told him "It's totally up to you of course. I'm not controlling at all. But in my heart I don't want you to." I'm just confused because I want to make things more serious but I don't want to come off deseperate but he says he wants to take baby steps. And I'm willing to do so, but how can I show him without coming off needy that I really want to make things more serious? Thanks for any advice!


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  • Sounds like you need an evolution stone... Or simply tell him straight up.


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