When a boy text everyday to a girl

i met this indonesian boy on kind of blind date social site and we both live in japan and I'm japanese.

since the day he aked me for text adress he always send me good morning text and ordinary texts like "what ru doing..?""did you eat yet..?" "im tired,now going home..."etc everyday.

once I tried to see what he will do by ignoring his texts for a day,he still sent me texts even the next day after that day.

before I told him " in general people don't text everyday unless bf/gf. I don't know why you want to talk with me,"and he said "dont know to me either :P"

so I asked him what he think of me but he keep saying ugly or beautiful are same to me and don't give clearly answer about what he think of me.

does he see me just as friend or possible more than friend..?

*and this boy have had only one girlfriend ever his life and wanted to marry her but she broke up with him in less than one year ago..

*when I asked him question "would you like to have a girl friend who is not from your country?" by anoymous his answer was "yeah,"

later I asked him if he really like to talk to me and if like me or not,

and then he said too early don't know if like me or not yet,

but we still chat and text nicely


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  • He sees you as more than a friend and is interested in you.


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