I don't like to kiss?

I don't like when my boyfriend kisses me .. I always end up with my mouth and the area around it wet.. and I hate how saliva stinks! He has a nice breath and all .. but I can't stand the saliva .. and kissing became a huge turn off for me .. How do I deal with this ? Shall I tell him to close his mouth ? I hate how I can't enjoy it :S


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  • Tell him..

    But Personally I don't either.. So I will kiss my girlfriend again somewhere like the for head, cheek, or neck, so it rubs off on her so I don't have to wipe my mouth.. The kissing its self.. I love that

    • Exactly! I have to rub off my mouth after every single kiss and it feels awful .. I ll just tell him to close his mouth a bit :D , but I have a tiny mouth, while he has a bigger one .. so I don't know how we're gonna solve this .. anyway thanks

    • Love is full of compermises..

      Talk to him about it he'll try to stop I bet.. But he won't know what to do..

      But on the other side you will have to compermise to..There's always french kissing.. Toung to toung less siliva on the lips

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