I've come on little too strong after 2nd date...but we spoke the next day. What should I do?


I'v been flirting for 3 weeks with this girl and we've went out the last week...twice. Both times we've ended up kissing and that was great. We both showed interest and kissing was great..she agreed. After the second date I text her, with a cool text. The next morning however I text a little too strong...i was using projection... Later that day she text me back saying (naturally) I can't follow I don't feel the same way...at this moment... Now. by chance we bumped into each other in a club that same saterday night... (I felled blessed) We talked about it and things seem to cool down a lot..we even held each other and there was a sparkle somewhere...but faint. now. How and can this be fixed...should I wait weeks, months to approach again? I know she likes me and tells me I'm handsome etc... I must say, she hasn't seen anybody for a long time, probalbly one year+ , this was confirmed by her girl friends (after the fact, telling me that she needs time and that was also the reason why my text came on too strong) What to do? I really want another shot... but how to go about this. This is a one in a million girl.


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  • tell her "Im sorry for being so up front and strong but your beauty has me stricken. I don't know what I was thinking but I would really like to get to know you better and see what feelings develop, is there any way we can forget about the text and move on from there?"


    • Thanks! I've been upfront the night we bumped into each other, but didn't include the 'beauty' part. And I also didn't ask if it was cool to move on in that manner... I think I will leave things calm just a but and text her very casual somewhere next month...would that be too early still?

    • if I were you I wouldn't wait, getting the seed planted early is your best chance at dating this girl who is one in a million, many women have a lot of guys contacting them all the time, by showing that you realize that you did wrong and came on too strong will show maturity. brief story, I quit talking to a very good friend who played a game with me because she played the game and I wanted to forget about the game, a few months later I contacted her and she said she didn't know if she couldtalk

    • part 2.

      to me again because I hurt her so bad, which I understood so I told her if she ever felt as though she could talk to me again to feel free to message me. a few weeks later she said that she had thought through everything and realized where I was coming from in the first place and now we have a very healthy friendship again.

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