Could this work out, or am I being a fool?

Ive been dating this guy for 2 years, our relationship is literally amazing most of the time, everyone that knows us says how well we suit each other (personality wise etc) and we are pretty much best friends aswell as bf/gf.

The problem is.. I don't think he really understands me emotionally.I do have trouble talking about what's on my mind sometimes as I've grown up being shunned when I was upset, however I've tried to work on that over the last two years and communicate quite openly now with my boyfriend. Thing is, he has never been depressed, he's such a positive person, he's quick to worry but he doesn't get me when I'm depressed.. I feel shunned again when I'm upset or troubled because he tells me not to be sad because it upsets him. he's tried to make me laugh, he's tried ignoring it, he's tried cuddling me, but honestly, I still feel so ignored.. like he seriously just doesn't get it.long term not just in that moment.

he says things like "what are you upset about?" and when I don't know he thinks I'm lying and not telling him but I genuinely don't know, and then he says"how can you be upset at nothing?" and its so hard to explain! He always sighs now and looks utterly tired of the situation.

I feel dreadful, but is it me and my fault? or is there something he could do to help? I'm so stuck and its having a huge effect on our relationship, we end up sitting in silence and he gets upset with me for 'not talking' but I don't know what to say :(

Please,can anyone relate? or offer any advice? I have tried counselling etc,it isn't all the time this happens but his responses are becoming more 'fed up' like and it worries me,I tried to pull myself together but then it gets bottled up again.I suffer with a longterm illness so that explains some of the depression but I'm doing everything I can to try and help my illness.Will he just get fed up and walk? He says he'd never leave me,but I know people grow tired.

Thanks anyone who can help x


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  • My father was navy and grandfather was air force, so I can relate to the tribulation of expressing emotions to other. What I did, and surprisingly it worked, was I wrote it down like you did there and I showed it to her and let her read it. After she read it she didn't fully understand, but she was more open minded about how I was and more willing to work things out. If I told you he's not going to walk away, I'd be lying. To be blunt, if he walks away then that's his fault for not trying. You gotta tell him in some way though so he knows what he needs to help work on.


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