Is Cougar dating legit ?

I've been hearing adverts on the radio about Seekacougar (dot com). Supposedly it's a dating site where older women look for younger guys. The adverts are really tongue-in-cheek, using lines such at "get hooked up with a fresh divorcee today", using a jungle theme to describe the cougars.

What I wanna know if it's legit?

Or is it just a scam site that has no actual members?

They say it's free, but I'm weary of viruses and flowers.

I haven't checked the site yet.


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  • Sadly, sites like this make older women look like predators instead of women seeking relationships. It capitalizes on the fact that plenty of younger guys want to gain sexual experience with an older woman.

    If you want to date an older woman I say go for it because you stand just as good of a chance as finding something meaningful with them as you would with girls your own age. The biggest difference is older women tend to be more confident, are not afraid to say what they mean, won't be offended if you try to get close physically, and are better established both financially and socially.

    It just depends on what you want. Lots of younger men flirt with me and I've dated a few. We've always had fun, but I've never looked at it as just being a sexual relationship either. I view them as potential long term partners.

  • It is as legit as any! The point being its a crab shoot. I'm sure sur there are many older women there who are looking for relationship as any. But if you want a really legit site go with match or eharmony


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