Is she blowing me off?

So this girl I knew was interested in me and gave me her number without me asking. At the time I couldn't see her so I would text her and she always kept saying we need to hangout some time. Eventually I got really busy and we didn't text for about 3-4 months. So the other day I texted her and asked how she was doing. She responded " I miss your face! when are we gonna get together?" I said whenever I got time now. She responded " OK I have to clean my room I'll text you in a little bit" but she never texted back.

I think she did blow me off but why would she say she missed me and wants to get together if she had no intent of doing so?


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  • well you should text her...i think she thinks you blew her off. I mean you waited three months to contact her...she probably got her hopes up on you the first time you met, then got busy for a bit and wondered...hey why hasn't this guy tried to get into contact with me! he must not be interested!*pout sad face cry* then three months later you stumble back into her life...shes thinking what's up with this loser who broke it off with me for no apparent reason...

    or she completely forgot about you for three months and is doing it again! you need to make a more lasting impression by calling her and making more of an effort...and this time have sex with her. girls tend to not just let guys they have sex with disappear forever. theyd at least text them once a week or hope he texts them and follows up.

    basically you have no idea what's going on in her head til you two hang out. multiple times. and each time follow up least no more than at 2 week intervals geez...

    in other words call her dummy :P or text whateverrr


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  • I think she's tired of you putting her off, for months now, and is just retaliating by not replying to you. REally, you could have made time for her in all this interval!

    It may be too late, but text her and give her a time and place to meet and see if she answers!

  • It doesn't sound like she blew you off. I think she was just expecting you to give her a specific date of when to meet up, which you can still do.

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