Which girls do I have a better chance on getting to know?

So these two girls has been in the same class as me for a long time and I never notice or thought about asking them out until recently. The girls are not friends and don't know each other. I think both are wonderful and friendly. Anyways, long story short:

The first girl always looking at me and she'll hold it for a long time, even if I catch her looking at me. The first time I notice her stare was when I was walking to my class. As I walked around her to get into the class room I notice she was looking at me the whole time. I walked by her and said hello and she said hello back with a big smile. I don't mind her stares and it doesn't creep me out, in fact I fine it hot.

The second girl I kinda know because we worked in a group before, but never really talked. When we did talk it feels pretty normal and I feel she's not really interested in me or wants to get to know me (our conversation was mostly work related stuff.) Most of the time she'll start the conversation but I don't really engage. what's confusing me is she'll grab me by the arm sometime with both hands when she wants my attention, place her hand on my shoulder when saying bye, move in really close when talking, and asked me questions when she knows the answer to or easily check it herself. She not a touchy person and only does this to me and not other guys, including her guy friends.


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  • You have a better chance getting to know... both of them. From your descriptions, you don't know either girl very well. Spend more time getting to know both of them and then you'll know which one you actually like.


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