What advice can I give my friend?

She started dating my guy friend about a year ago and turned into a good friend of mine. However I get so many texts from her about how they argue and she feels like it's all her fault then today she was texting me how he said that whenever she states her opinion or says how she feels about something, she's starting an argument and crying doesn't fix anything, like she's not suppose to cry. I told her they need to talk about this, but I'm worried that'll simply lead to another argument and her blaming herself for everything and regretting speaking her mind.


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  • I nearly ran outta breath reading your second sentence. :p Seriously though, it's cool you want to help your friend and what you told her was right. They do need to talk it out. They just need to make sure that, before they do, they lay down some ground rules like "no fighting" or no smart remarks that would lead to an argument. If they both enter the conversation cool headed and open minded, then they should be able to talk about everything without getting into it. Don't know if this helped any, but I wish your friend the best. :)


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