A guy from my past (we never dated, he always had a gf) and I have been texting lately....

He says "good morning, honey", "good night, sweetie", and has been fairly attentive to me the past few months- randomnly about 6 months prior to that... I think possibly I'm so starved for attention I'm building him up in my head a bit, but he says most of the stuff I want /need to head. He IS very sexy, I've always thought so- and he also said the same about me. We've exchanged a few (innocent) pictures, and he mentioned he wants me to visit him in Florida? I haven't actually hung out with him in about 8 years, but we were pretty good friend's for over a year, so it's not like he's a stranger... I have met his parents, etc. Does he just want sex? How do I KEEP him interested, since we are so far away? Does he REALLY want/plan on me flying to Florida? When I get there, is it just going to be a casual fling? :/ Basically, why does this guy want to fly me to see him when he's super sexy & I'm sure has NO problems with the ladies... He says he is single because he's "too busy" ...? Does any of this sound right?! Help! I'm 31 and just having fun is fine with me, but I can't figure out if he wants more (which would be preferable, assuming we still get along great) ... He challenged me to "try to lock him down" lol- what can I say to get him to open up more about his intentions, if he has any?


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  • It sounds like he is hinting that he wants more than just a fling. If you go down there, you should be classy about it then. Don't get physical right away. Try for some romance and a lot of conversation beforehand. Let him know your intentions. If he is busy and he doesn't do online dating then it does make sense that he would re-connect with you.

    • Thanks so much, Eletcher- I appreciate your insight... I definitely will follow your advice, as men can be quite mysterious to me sometimes... How do I tactfully turn down his advances (assuming he makes them) without pissing him off/hurting his feelings, since I AM interested...? I'm not a prude OR promiscuous so I'm unsure how to handle that situation. (Obviously get a hotel room) but what else?

    • If he does anything you aren't comfortable with then just tell him you aren't ready for that yet. Be nice about it and communicate fully. Guys always appreciate women being straight forward and honest. If he doesn't have time to date, however, then maybe he isn't looking for something serious. You can always just ask him whatever you are wondering. If you are too passive then you may not end up getting what you want. If you want any more advice, let me know.

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