I am so shy for webcam?

I am 22 and not so shy when around people. I just look calm and cold but I am the opposite inside. I always make jokes and relaxed around people I am close. Full fun you know!

I have an online ldr for 2 years... I saw him on cam. We couldn't meet in real because we live in different countries and don't have much money for it. Anyways, he of course saw my photos and now wants to see me on webcam. Doesn't wanna push me so much but he really wants it recently. I always make excuses... I am afraid that he won't like me the same or I don't know why though. I get so nervous. I can't open the camera! Do you know anything to make me feel ok? I AM so NERVOUS!


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  • Seriously ? A long distance relationship for two years, and you never met ?


    Find a local guy, seriously. What the feck is this bullsh*t.


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