I kissed my ex, right after we broke up!

So I screwed up big time..

I walked in on my best friend talking to my ex ( we broke up two days ago) and they were talking about our break up. I just stood out in the hall and listened for a while. My ex said: she doesn't know how much she means to me. I wanted to give her the world. I wanted to be someone she could count on, rely on..not someone who would hurt her..i wanted to make her the happiest girl in the universe.. I fell in love; the very first day I met her..i wanted to say thanks for all the happiness she brought to me..

My friend told him he should tell me not him and my ex said I must not feel the same anymore..

I started crying and I ran, they heard me and my ex ran after me. He caught up to me and we talked a bit; and I kissed him. I knew I shouldn't have because I broke up with him a few days ago, but I couldn't help it. I just wanted to kiss him. To show him how much I cared about him and how much I've missed him.

I love him, and the only reason I broke up with him is because I'm going to a new college out of state and it'd be too hard to be together when where so far from each other.

I just don't know what I can possibly do, we were kissing for a while and he was the first one to break the kiss. He looked so hurt and confused just like I was, so I ran again.

He texted me an hour ago asking why'd I kissed him? And I don't know what to tell him. I'm confused, what should I do?


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  • Tell him just that, you were confused. It was a spontaneous thing, but it doesn't change the fact that you have decided to end your dating relationship. Say you're sorry and that you didn't mean to give him the wrong idea. Leave it at that.


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  • Just be honest with him, tell him you wanted to kiss him and you still care about him but you don't know what to do because you are going away.

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