Should I text her?! yes or no?

ok, so I went out with this girl about three weeks ago. it was good, we've been texting back and forth ever since, but these last two days she hasn't texted me. she once in a while texted me, but recently not. in our last text conversation she ask me if I missed her, I said yea and she said she missed me two, and agreed to hangout this Friday... should I wait?


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  • no text her and ask her what she wants to do on Friday.

    and something fun, like a movie or lazer tag :)

    • actually, I asked her if she wanted to hang out she said yea, and I asked this Friday and she said something like "lets see"

    • Then text her and say 'So how about Friday? ;)'

      Unless you asked her about hanging out recently, like today or yesterday. if not wait a day then ask her.

  • text her on Thursday night or Friday. She's waiting for your text.


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