What should my next step be?

lets say I meet a girl online, she seems pretty interested, we talk for a while plan on meeting and then she shuts you out and gets a boyfriend a few weeks later, the new boyfriend dumps her in less than a week. would it be wrong to say something to her? if not how long should I wait? should I wait to see if she apologizes to me? if so how long?


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  • I would say:

    1.) She has no obligation to apologize to you. She started a relationship that was very short lived. It happens and "meeting" someone does not dictate who else she can talk to or what she can talk to them about.

    2.) There is absolutely nothing wrong with contacting her and continuing to get to know her/meet her or spend time with her if she wants to. You won't know until you contact her.

    3.) Remember we often do not know what other people are thinking or going through on a daily basis, not to say her life is rough by any means based on what you've said her, but its best not to assume things and keep many possibilities open to explain why people do the things that they do.

    Good luck!

  • I think that's really mean of her to do that. Are you sure she was interested? And have you guys talked since she dated that guy?

    • I'm almost 100% sure she was interested, she pretty much wouldn't leave me alone, then it started to decline a bit, and then for a week she ignored me completely, got this new boyfriend, it lasted for maybe 6 days tops and then they just broke up with in the last few days

    • Wow that was a short relationship lol... But anyways, yeah I think you should try to talk to her again, maybe ask her what happened... I wouldn't wait for her to apologize because she was just thinking about herself and what she thought was in her best interest. Yeah it wasn't right for her to lead you on like that, but sometimes that's just how people are unfortunately...

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