I like both of these girls a lot. Any suggestions?

There are these two girls I want to go to prom with this year. They are both sisters. Sexy af, with great personalities. One is slightly older than the other and a little better looking. I knew her longer and was rejected by her before. I love her the most and I think she likes me now, but I don't want another rejection. Her sister likes me more than she does. I'm not sure the older sister will say yes, but definitely sure the younger sister will. I still like them both a lot. Any suggestions?


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  • Pick one and if she says no ask the other one... Although, that may or may not look good on their end, so it really boils down to wether you want to hear a "yes" or if you want to chance hearing a "no"

    • They live together so if I ask one and she says no, she will tell the other one and that one will think that she's just a backup and say no, too. Tough choice.

    • Agreed, it does sound like a tough choice, Good luck though

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