Help Needed. What should I do?

I asked this girl I like out to the movies on Wednesday, she said she would let me know if she could go. Now I have friends asking me if I could chill with them this weekend. So my two part question is, Do you even think she is even interested since she said she will have to see? And, On Friday should I text her to let her know I need an answer so that I can make plans? Or, should I wait for her to hopefully let me know?


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  • The movies on a first date? If so that's a third or fifth date idea. Sounds like she might be interested but is probably checking with her friends first for their approval of you. It's her loss dude so make plans with your friends, your life shouldn't revolve around a girl your hung up on.

    • What do you think is a good first date?

    • Coffee, ice cream (depending on season) a walk and talk downtown or something else that's simple. I like to do coffee twice (yes, in a row too and if she agrees to coffee again that that gives me a good idea that she's into me) then ask for a dinner date.

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  • No no no if you tell her you need an answer don't tell her its because you want to have a plan B..if you had to say you need an answer tell her its because you want to look up movie times or something like that. Yeah I'm going to assume she is interested in you. Sitting next to someone for 2hrs isn't something I would want to do or fake if I weren't interested in them. I think she would have just said no if she wasnt.

    • no offense Skittles but this is awful advice. "I will have to see"="no"

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    • Lol non taken..Idk I guess I'm just thinking about me. I wouldn't want to awkwardly sit next to someone, it would be an instant no thank u. I wouldn't even give them hope by saying "I'll see". And nobodyspecial you just said on your post she seemed interested..way to flip flop...

    • yeah maybe I did flip flop, but there still might be a slight chance... you just never know with women.

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  • "Will have to see"="no"

    If you wait for her you will be seen as a loser.

    DEFINITELY don't wait for her. The way I see it you have a two.

    1. Just go out with your friends, and do not contact her...If she contacts you say that you made other plans, and reschedule.

    2. Text her and say I am going out with my friends can we reschedule.