Do you hate when he stops calling you?

So this is the typical waiting game or whatever conundrum. We both like each other ( I may have expressed a little to much 'emotion' early on but nothing psychotic) and we have kissed and went on a couple dates before... but the last two times we've made plans she's cancelled at the last minute. So I've pretty much figured she's lost interest. And yes, it seemed to happen just like that! (snapped fingers) I'm totally okay with it and will not be the one contacting her to talk and 'keep in touch.' Or be completely oblivious to her meeting someone else. So now I'll be waiting for her to ask me out or at least call me for a change.

So ladies does this sound like a game you play with a guy to let him go without trying to 'hurt his feelings' or do you think that by me waiting for her will be the thing that just pisses her off to where she actually loses interest ... meaning I was just being a resentful a**hole the whole time by ignoring her. ?


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  • i hate games personally... I think if you want to call her you should just do it

    • nah, I hate games too but I'm just tired of initiating conversation every time. If it ends, because I want to see her interest me, then so be it. Plus, she cancelled on me so if she wanted to really go out with me, I think she would have rescheduled as soon as she cancelled. Right? Right.

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  • If she's lost interest then move on. I don't see that this is worth it and to carry on playing mind games or what. What for, it's just wasting time. You don't want to always depend on those games just to ask her out right unless you enjoy it.

    • Moving on. I do not like playing mind games. I have been completely honest and genuine with my interest in this girl. I found it to be reciprocated as well, which is why I just don't get it. So I'm backing off, that's all. And yes I know I should just tell her how I feel, but I'd rather not. Like I said, I'll just be moving on. It's her loss.

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