Will he call? or should I call?

so I was seeing this guy long distance for about 2 months... we both had both said we really liked each other. he asked me once where I wanted this to go and I told him I would like to be more than just friends (that's where it seemed to be going). a few weeks later he told me he wasn't ready to date yet and hoped we could stay friends, I told him out of anger that we never were friends... we then didn't talk for about 2 weeks until I texted him and apologized for saying that. he accepted the apology and I told him to give me a call sometime, he said he would... it's been a few days since we had that talk. should I try to contact him again? is it likely that he will try to contact me? I really do want to be friends...


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  • From what I am reading, he turned you down the first time (come on, that's what girls always say, the let's be friends bollocks).

    Then you reacted out of anger, later apologized, which has no consequence on what he said earlier.

    I wouldn't expect news anytime soon from him, and think you should move on.

    • yeah I just feel bad about the whole thing and hate having bad feelings with anyone... I don't expect it to work out romantically or whatever because I'm pretty much over that now, but I do miss the friendship we had

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    • ok so here's an update... I had also deleted him from my Facebook and I added him again yesterday but he still hasn't accepted it and I know he is on all the time, should I not have done that?

    • You did what you did. I'm not in his head. Just stop caring, rejection isn't the end of the world, in friendship or love.

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  • I think you can call.

    • even after I over-reacted and then turned around and apologized lol I honestly feel so ridiculous about that whole thing... he said he would call me sometime, but what if he doesn't? I really do miss talking to him though

    • Why won't you be honest with him and tell him this? "I miss talking to you" is good.

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  • Don't be offended but you do sound desperate in wanting a relationship. Probably he also feels that way because of your strong reaction when he says to stay as friends. I guess he wants to take things slowly before entering a relationship. So I think most importantly, figure out what you want first, sweetie. If he isn't ready and you are not willing to wait then you should move on to find someone who is ready. But if you are willing to wait, when he contacts you, remember to take things slowly.

    • yeah I know, I FEEL desperate now! but it seemed like that's what he wanted too, which is why I was so confused and reacted that way... but I did apologize because it was definitely not how I should have responded, but now I just don't know how he feels about the apology. but I'm pretty much over wanting a relationship with him, but I do miss talking to him and having that friendship

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    • it was weird he was so forward with his feelings for me, and always saying he could see himself with me and it was "destiny" that we met... so when he totally switched gears out of nowhere like that I was so confused and frusterated

    • I can only say he's definitely confused like you. Haha. This is a guy who doesn't know what he wants. Maybe he might switch his mind later again. It's really hard to predict. Go with your heart to decide or feel but use your mind before you want to do anything.

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