Has anyone had a vision that came true? Should I tell this girl I like about it?

Don't know her but I have this vision I want to tell her friend. It's the only way to describe what I'm going threw. It happened when I was around 2 years old. She's gone because I upset her but how I'm feeling about her is like the vision 100% I just am unable to say it. This is for me but I'm wondering about anyone else stories and would/should you tell your girl if she might of been your soul mate..


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  • I think some people might get visions. I once had a thought in my head that somebody I knew and liked had been strangled to death and I honestly believed he died. A couple of days later, I read in the newspaper about a guy with the same last name as the guy I liked who had died in a car crash.

    I get dreams all the time and I always write them down and try to interpret them. Like I once had a ream that I was eating lobster and drinking beer and the dream interpretation site told me that this would mean that my confidence and popularity would be restored. A couple of days later my cousin came to visit me and told me I seemed a lot more confident than I did the year before.


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