The Question.... Are we boyfriend/girlfriend or dating or none at all?

Does the guy/ girl have to ask the other out on a date or to be their boyfriend / girlfriend to be considered together? Or does being together have nothing to do with boyfriend and gf? I don't know,... I'm confused in the situation I'm in... I've been hanging out with this guy and it's obvious that we both like each other, we've been hanging out having lunch, dinner, and cuddling... but he hasn't actually 'asked me out' sure we gone to a concert together, he's asked me to do things... but is that dating?

Is he ever going to ask me to be his gf? Or do you think I'll have to buck up and ask him to my bf? Which I really don't want to do... I'm not that outgoing of a person.

I'm really confused about this... so any and all advice, input, experience is definitely appreciated!

Thanks you guys! <3


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  • There aren't really rules here. You two are boyfriend/girlfriend when you act like bf/gf.

    P.S.: The going to concerts and doing things, and the lunch and dinner and cuddling, that's dating.


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  • i thing your dating for sure I would say boyfriend and gf


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  • Depends on what you mean by 'doing things'. If you are intimate, then make sure he isn't using you.

    Men and women can be 'just only friends' even if you do go out to dinner, concerts, cinema etc. Although the cuddling does suggest he likes being near you, but even so doesn't mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Unless both of you agree that is the case, you two may still be at the initial going out stage, where neither of you have committed to being exclusive to one another, eg. that you can see other guys, and he can see other girls.

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