Would you let your boyfriend go to a bachelor party? I'm sort of jealous.

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years, it's a long distance thing but hopefully not for much longer, I've never dated anyone before him so I'm not really experienced with all this.

He asked me if I cared if he went to a bachelor party, there's going to be strippers and topless card dealers (of course) .

He said he didn't know if he wanted to go or not because strippers aren't really his thing and he wanted to know what I thought.

He gets offered to go to the strip club with his friends all the time and he never goes.

I love him and I honestly trust him

I've never told him what to do and I don't want to start now.

I am a insecure girl though but I never let him know if I'm jealous I sort of keep it to myself but it would hurt my feelings if he was out looking at other girls.

So what do I say ? do I say anything at all ?

Thanks for any advice


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  • He can look, but he can't touch. -___- Lol my guy went to Vegas once and came home with a teddy bear for me and a deck of cards with naked chicks on it for him. Well, he came home with a lot of stuff that had naked chicks on it. But I got a teddy bear! =D It looks like him, too. Black hair, brown face. So cute. But yeah, I'm super jealous and insecure and pretty much the worst when it comes to girls. It's going to be hard, but he won't leave you for any of the strippers or topless chicks. And he seems like a pretty good guy, so I don't think you have to worry about him touching them either. But you can't blame him if he looks. I mean, if you saw a chick take her top off, isn't the first thing you look at her nipples? Or maybe that's just me.

    • lol thank you

      he's not a rude guy at all, he doesn't look at other girls in front of me or anything but the few times he's said another girl was pretty it made me feel horrible, I'm not really sure how to stop feeling like that but thanks for your advice

    • Idk how to stop feeling like that either. 0.0 IF you ever find out, tell me lol

    • =DDD Ahmagahhddddd yay!

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  • I've done private-party bartending for a few years for both bachelor and bachelorette parties. The girls at the bachelorette parties have always been far wilder than the guys. To the guys, it is just an excuse to hang out with their buddies. For the women, it is often an excuse to flirt or make out with the bartender or male strippers, as they feel lonely that their friend is getting married and sometimes just plain jealous. I've witnessed both, and the girls are far worse more often than not. Combined with the fact that you have a really awesome boyfriend, I wouldn't worry about him. Worry about your female friends that have boyfriends if THEY get invited to such a party. What girls do at those parties are often unmentionable, especially if there are male strippers involved.


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  • if you truly trust him then you have nothing to worry about him being at a bachelor party. simple as that

  • Let him go, I would... You said you trust him so there shouldn't be a problem.. As for the part where you feel insecure about him looking at other girls.. Everyone is going to look.. single or not.. it's what people do

  • If my boyfriend wanted to go to a bachelor party, I wouldn't care one bit. If you guys really love each other it totally shouldn't matter if he goes out. And if he really doesn't want to go, then he shouldn't. If you're concerned about him going, then definitely tell him of course. It's good to be open and honest.