How to break up with him?

I met a guy on a chatroom about 3 weeks ago. He was my age and only lived 6 hours away from me. We haven't ever met yet but we text all the time. One day I asked him for a pic of himself so he sent me 3 of him. He looked really cute in them. Now just 5 minutes ago, he told me it wasn't him in the pictures. He told me this really sad story and even had me look up the article in the news paper so that I knew it was true. It was about him and he had cancer when he was 2 up to age 11. From all of the treatment he had, it caused him to gain a lot of weight. Now he just showed my his myspace and the pics of him. I'm really not trying to be rude about it but I am not attracted to him at all! I want to break up with him but I would feel way to bad to because all that he went through. I don't know what to do or how to do it. I'm so confused! He seemed like the cutest nicest best guy ever but now when I think of him all I can think of is this chubby kid. I FEEL SO BAD! how do you break up with a guy who has had such a hard life?


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  • Send a really ugly picture, and say it's you.

    Or tell him you've been lying to him, you are actually a dude.

    haha jk

    You've only known him for 3 weeks. Just tell him you are not ready to be in any relationship. tell him you would still like to meet up, as a friend. And that you don't want him to expect anything more. Don't mention the pictures, or the hard life he had. Just tell him he is a sweet guy, and you would love to be one of his friends. It might hurt him alittle, but it's better than suddenly disappearing. You two aren't really a couple yet, so it shouldnt be like "breaking up". Just make it clear to him that you are not ready for a relationship. If he doesn't want to be friends, then his loss. and move on.

    • I really disagree with lost-angel. do NOT meet up with him ! you will really hurt him a lot more if he meets you and gets to see what he can't have.

    • Yah 1fastfc is right. He would know better since he's a guy. I guess I was just trying to make it less akward. Its just akward since they've already promised to meet up and stuff. I wouldn't meet up with him, if it were me, but it wouldn't hurt to make a new friend, right?

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  • Cmon are you serious? you haven't even met the guy . He's not going to kill himself because his internet girlfriend dumped him. He won't be living the rest of his life in misery because a girl he met in a chatroom that he's never met in person doesn't like him. If its too hard for you to say anything just cut all contact with him. He'll get over it I promise

    • Idk it seems harder than that. He really is so nice and sweet and we are planning to meet but it's all jacked up now I don't know what to do.

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  • Whoa, okay, honestly you should have never started dating him in the first place. You live so far away from him, that a long distant relationship wouldn't be very good in the first place, and I think you two may be better off just friends. Tell him that. Its hard to do long distance relationships. . . but its even harder if you aren't attracted to him in the first place.

  • yea you guys shouldnt have ever started dating cus you guys have never met in person b4...tell him ur parents found out so you guys can only be friends.n also tell him that uve been thinking and realized long distance relationships are hard enough.So it should be built on chemistry and history.but you guys have nothing to build on it,so its not gna last long and both you guys will end up getn hurt.

    hope this helped.good luck!

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