Girls: how do you handle dating more than one guy at once?

do you date more than one guy at once?

do you set any rules?



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  • I guess it depends on how you define "dating." I will be in the "going on dates" phase with a few guys at the same time, but I would never commit to more than one at a time, if you know what I mean. When I'm just in the getting-to-know-you stage of a potential future boyfriend (or whatever), I try to take things slow, and make it clear that I am by no means ready to be exclusive. I don't have a rule, per se, but I think it's only fair that once stronger feelings develop for one guy over the other(s), you have be honest with the other(s) one(s) instead of leading them on and wasting their time (unless everyone's okay with the status quo, and no one's looking for anything serious). It's hard to let someone down, but it doesn't get any easier the longer you drag it out. "Dating" more than one guy at once is actually really helpful, though, because it always makes someone stand out over the others, and you realize how the men in your life really measure up. Anyway, bottom line is: be open and honest with everyone, try to take things slow, and most importantly, enjoy! Everyone needs a little lovin' sometimes :)

    • lol how does going on a few dates with multiple guys see how they measure up? that's the stupidest thing iv heard. You can't fully judge someone after just seeing them a few times. Knowing girls the one they pick is probably the worst one..

    • Of course you can't fully judge someone, but it's easier to get a feel for what you want or don't want when you're seeing different guys with different personalities. They can still "measure up" to one another, taking into consideration how well you do or don't know him. You could go on a few dates with a guy, and like him, but you don't realize that the guy you shut down a few days earlier would have been an even better match for you, had you given him equal opportunity...

  • treat it the same way as hanging out with more than one friend.

    just don't sleep with them until you get commitment from one. don't talk about the other people your dating. just focus on the guy your with when your with him.

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