He told me that he really likes me and misses me. I don't know what to do :( ?

There is this guy we used to go to the same school and ever since then we have kept in touch we used to be really close, but these last few months we haven't really got on. Lately He sends me texts out of the blue so I do the same! & when I ring him he never picks up or rings back, so I think to myself why do I bother! But I guess its Because I really like him. I've known him for about 8 years so it's a long time! But I rang him the other day to talk things through, about how much we don't talk and stuff, & that I feel used, & that things need to change! He told me that he really likes me and misses me and that I mean a lot too him. But he was talking to me like I was in a mood when I wasn't I was just trying to tell him how I felt. Then he was talking about having kids with me and getting married, asking me to move in with him! He is a bit of a womanizer so I don't believe any of it, I feel like I don't trust him as much these days! But then he was telling me that he keeps photo's of me on his phone, I was like yeah right, but a few days later he sent me a pic of me which I got rid of years ago but he had it. Does that even mean anything? Does he really like me? I just don't know what to do anymore, I really like him always have always will, but maybe it's the end for us...?


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  • You said it yourself he is a womanizer. He is basically telling you everything you want to hear and therefor the feelings towards him are still there. I have pictures of many girls on my phone from the past that I dated but that's just for my personal collection lol. I really think you will end up getting hurt. He honestly sounds like a scumbag with the way he is playing with your emotions and you seem to have pure intent for him. My lady stay away unless you want to get hurt.


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