Stuck in a dilemma, the hot financially stable guy and the good but not financially stable..advice?

My boyfriend is the latter, we have been with each other for 8 but he has been busy trying to make up for the bad investment he made months.The other guy is 32 and he is more financially secure, I have been going out with him via my sister (they are friends) We only drank and flirted with each other for the past month, nothing serious, but I can't stop seeing him!

8 months*


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  • not sure of your question. please explain.


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  • This is bad, the only reason you like that 32 years old guy because his future is secure, if your with him your future is safe. that's my opinion. u've been with your guy for 8 months or years? you did'nt wrote that, you should be supporting your boyfriend, he's going through a rough time. being attracted to another guy is something that you can't control but you should stick with your bf! but if your really concern about your seure future than love, then you should give it a second thought!

    Best of luck

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