Not Ready For A Relationship Just Yet, Good or Bad??

Okay, so I met this really sweet guy and he says that he's not ready for a relationship just yet, but that he's still going to treat me as if there was potential for one, is this a good or bad sign?

I mean, is this one of those things where they just say it to make you feel better, or is he being honest that I still have a shot?

We went out once and he was a complete gentleman.

He's 23, I'll be 20 in August.


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  • Sounds like the intentions are good.


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  • I think there is hope for a relationship. He was being completely honest with you which is good. To me it sounds like he wants to get to know you better before he commits. He might of been hurt in the past and is afraid of getting hurt again. Take it slow. Keep going on dates.

    I'm sure it will end up in a relationship.

    Ps don't have sex until he asks you out

    • I'm actually I'm still a virgin, and we've talked about the fact that I want to be convinced that the person I have sex with, is potentially going to be someone I could marry. He says he accepts that. :)

    • That explains a lot! Maybe he wants you to be sure that he needs to take time to make sure he wants to commit that much. Sounds like he really likes you but is afraid or maybe taking your virginity and then realizing you two aren't meant to be together. He doesn't want to break your heart. Nice guy. keep dating him :)