If a guy is thinking about having a relationship with you, that pretty much means no right?

OK so I asked this guy earlier this week if things were headed to a relationship. we had been seeing each other for 2.5 months, no sex. I sent a few text messages during the course of two days, than I stopped. he responded that he was perturbed by my messages and has been doing a lot of thinking about what I am looking for and what he is looking for and if they are even compatible. Says he obviously likes me, and me him. But he is so busy with his three companies he would be the most horrible guy to date time wise right now.

Should I just forget about him? usually "thinking" never has a good outcome.


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  • why no sex, have you told him no,

    • No to what. No I haven't. I assume he doesn't want to be with me. Hell, I am glad I didn't have sex considering how he is acting now

    • Why is that, so would you have had sex with him if he asked you or either it just happen if you guys were alone but not GIRL friend and Boy friend

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