I asked her how she felt and she said...

I asked her how she felt about me about 2 weeks back she said "I think I see you more as a brother I think" and I said "is that a no?" and she didn't reply so I began to ignore her for 2 weeks.

During the 2 weeks of ignoring her she said hello to me but I kept the conversation short.

My friend's always telling me how he sees her staring at me taking quick glances and looking away, and stands close to me in crowds and stuff. I think I might start talking to her again, maybe she was uncertain, what do you think? Should I move on, carry on chasing? Help :)

Ok so back in school, she's been acting weird. Quieter when I'm ar ound so then one night I had a heart in my pm and a pic of a hot girl as my picture on BlackberryMessenger and she was on the phone to her friend and her friend asked me who she was and at the same time the girl I like starts saying "Hey I thought not talking as much would make it less awkward, sorry if it came across as rude, I thought I was being smart" and she left me confused that night on purpose I think. What should I do?


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  • 'I see you more as a brother'= I have no sexual interest in you (unless she's into incest which is unlikely).

    If she's looking at you and stuff, it could mean she made a mistake (she did use 'think' after all) and is now reconsidering you. I'd say if you're interested, go for it but do so with caution. She could be one of those girls who just love teasing guys with the possibility of a relationship but never go there.

    Best of luck and I hope this helps :)


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