I'm not sure if he is just using me or if he is going to make it official?

So I have been with this guy for a few weeks, and he really likes me and I really like him. He has told me that he wants to date me. We've made out a few times, we talk all the time, hold hands, hug constantly. We act like we are dating. But he talks about his ex, so I'm wondering if he isn't over her yet. Yesterday on her birthday, he wrote this long wall post saying how wonderful she is and how she makes him smile, and of course I couldn't help but feel jealous.

When I hang out with my guy friends, he gets really jealous, and last time he texted me five times within half an hour wondering when I was going to be done. I asked what we were exactly, and he said we were a thing that was not official yet, so I'm not sure if he is just using me or if he is going to make it official. I don't want to ask again because I don't want to annoy him. And I asked if he wanted to go out with his ex again, and he said it wasn't like that. So I don't know what to do.


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  • the fact that he wrote a long wall post say how wonderful she is... who the hell wouldn't feel jealous about it? I sure as hell would. Well it is true a lot of guys do talk about ex(s), some talk about them more than others. But I think maybe you should ask him again and tell him you need to know where you both stand as far as being in a relationship goes! Trust me when I say you may like him A LOT but if you don't know where you stand with him then maybe it is time to start walking hunn

    Dont stand for nonsense. DON'T DON'T be the rebound girl, don't be the one he can call on when all else fails. Everyone deserves to be with someone that has respect for them.

    My final note would be, you have to make that decision as to what you want to do, for no one can tell you what to do but only advise you. Go with your gut feeling

  • almost every guy says something about the ex don't worry about it

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