I'm worried and nervous..!!

I'm scared that I will not meet a guy that is faithful and is a one girl guy and love me for who I am and I'm going to be a firefighter/EMT so I don't know how guys think about that..i always wanted to be a firefighter and in the medical field and I want to save lives both ways I'm just scared I won't meet the one..any info


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  • well we all know that no one is perfect... and you can't really have a perfect person nor a perfect relationship... Don't be worried about it, I see that your age says under 18, wow you still have time to go although people have " found" true love at like 15, 16 and those type of ages. But I will say to you don't worry about it, just enjoy your life to the maximum and stop searching for "the one." Maybe in doing something that you love and enjoy you could find the one


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