I went home with a guy, not sure I should have! How do I know if he's a nice guy?

I've known this guy for several months now. We talk/txt back and forth all the time. We finally went out to dinner last night. He paid! I felt so bad! He's two years older than me and out of college. He's obviously more experienced haha. Anywho, after dinner we decided to get drinks. His best friend (a girl) brought her date and we made it a double date. We all got a little silly. Me in particular lol. At the end of the night he was like oh I just want to stop by my house. I was thinking oh I know where this is going.

So we went to his house, ended up in his bed (naturally) haha. He was so nice though! If I said no to something he didn't do it. We did not have sex and at the end of the night when I wanted to go home (because I didn't think it was proper to spend the night after the first date) he drove me home at 4 am! Idk, I can't decide about this guy though. Was he just being nice in hopes he could get some more? I didn't give him anything last night so to speak.. I'm sure he would have gone for it if I had offered. I was pretty much only on the receiving end. Is that bad? I am less experienced and haven't been on a date in 4 years! I guess I forgot how all of that worked.. when someone actually likes you and they're not just using you? I don't know about him though. He and his best friend swear A LOT. He's pretty intense too. I think I need to be more strong willed to be with him. He's one of those guys who will yell at a girl and be like MAKE ME A SANDWICH and he'll hope that she is like NO WAY MAKE YOUR OWN. idk. I guess that's how I'd describe him haha. Any thoughts?


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  • I think he was very nice and he respected you. I think if you would had wanted to have sex with him I think he would had. I also think maybe he is still trying to get to know you alittle and stuff. That is good tha the drove you home that early in the moring. It sounds like you had fun and if it has been that long 4 years since you last been on a date then I think that it will take soem time for you to get back in the swing of things. I say go out with him some more until you can figure him out and what he motives are.

    • I met some of his friends. I saw them interact. That was... totally different than when it was just the two of us. He talked about how he would never drunk f*** an ugly girl! I felt so awkward! I'm really wary of his character now. Maybe he was just playing nice in hopes he'd get some?

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    • Lol that is very lame. A lot of peopel get caught up on their ex's. I say move on from your ex and don't get caught up in the past. He seems very confused.

    • haha yeah. he said they broke up a year ago. seriously? get over it haha. and he broke up with her! whaatt

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