Should I go see him?

In mid-December, I went to england for a match with my ex (also a good friend of mine) and a few friends of his.

At the last day, I met a guy from austria in the hotel bar. We went on a quick date before I had to leave (I was getting the flight back early in the morning) and we've been talking regularly on Skype since then.

He wants me to visit him. Should I? He lives 2 hours away by plane...


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  • If he wants you to visit him, then why doesn't he visit you instead.

    Long distance relationships aren't often succesfull, but if you think there's a chance it will then you should go for it.

    • yah, he wants to visit me, but it's more easy for me to come see him (I run my on business, so I get to tell myself whenever I'm working, whilst he only gets a few weekends off a year) so I'm thinking about visiting him by the end of March. The thing that gives me motivation for this is my friend who gets married to her long-distansee this July.. don't know.. just so confusing..

    • Well, I guess its clear then:).

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