Do you stare at or kiss their picture at night?

The guy I likes picture is my wallpaper on my phone. Every night before I go to bed I look at it until the display turns black and I fall asleep... okay honestly I'm gay every once in a while I get the urge to kiss his picture and I do. like he is actually there. After we have sex sometimes he will fall asleep and I have the same urge to kiss him. or I'll listen to his voice-mail I only have one short one but every time I hear his voice it makes me I stalker status with this too?


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  • I look his pictures a lot but I don't kiss them or go to sleep to them lmao

    • lol I go to slep to his pic EVERY night :)

    • well if you like him that much I don't blame ya. Thanks for ba

    • lol np

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  • lol relatively normal to me...just need nnot obsess...(:

    • lol I don't kiss it every day just I get that urge... if I look at him to long lol

    • lol..yeah..I am you think that I never obsessed over a female..REALLY made a fool over a F***Queen when I was 28../:

  • i like looking at her picture, not in a creepy way but I could look at her picture for hours if I wanted lol

    • lol not in a creepy way either I can stare at him in public like that too... if I see him unexpectedly my whole world stops. once one of my friends said while we we're walking out of nowhere I just kinda stopped and was like gazing at him. I didn't even realize it.. but he knows I do it so its not creepy ha.

  • wow.

    • lol oops my question want anonymous enough.

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  • Why would I kiss something that can't kiss me back?

    • why would something kiss you? you'd sleep with another girls boyfriend. hate girls like that

    • Why would something kiss me? Because I'm kissable.

      You hate girls like me? I hate girls like you who judge others without knowing the whole truth and the person.