Just got home from a date with this girl and I think I blew it?

So this girl seemed into me and toward the end of the night before we left she put on lip gloss and then popped some mints and asked if I wanted any and I took some. But did not kiss her on the mouth when we left but on the cheek...did I just blow it? I mean are they definite signals that she wanted a kiss?


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  • They were obvious signals. But you were not ready to kiss her yet. Take it easy and don't worry you haven't blown a thing and if she cannot appreciate you taking things slowly then more than likely she's a skank and you should move on to the next girl.

    Since you didn't kiss her she might be a little selfconscious. So you might want to call her and agree on a second date if you are into her.


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  • I think you made the right decision to kiss her on the cheek. I think it's a sign of respect on your part. And as for the lip gloss and mints I wouldn't read too much into that. It was probably just her way of "freshening up" especially if you had just eaten. I highly doubt you blew it so don't stress it. Good Luck!

  • i highly doubt that you messed up, you don't HAVE to kiss her at the end of every date.. so no worries!


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  • Yeah bro she did want a kiss.

    But its all good.

    You can't make a come back by being more aggressive next time.

    Just ask her out, and when the timne is right, give her a hug and lean in for a kiss. It works better for me when I hug the girl and tell her straight up that I want to kiss her.

    She probably saw you as a nice guy. That could be good, and bad at the same time. You got to keep her on her toes.

    Just go ask her out, and make the move next time.