This guy I was dating was a creep...

I don't know where to start because I feel like he simply wronged me in a ton of ways and it feels like he's a loser. he doesn't seem to have ANY time for me, maybe one or two times a a week or two weeks. he seems to attract a lot of female attention at work but he wanted to keep my relationship with him on the down low.

he was OK with touching me sexually on all dates but when it comes to replying to a simple text, it was too much effort or he had his own thing going on.

he finally said that he may not be ready to commit emotionally to a relationship, it wasn't OK to touch if you can't buy.

i'm not sure if I want to talk to this guy or even see him but unfortunately I work with him and he looks at me a lot now at work. in my mind I think he's a creep for dating me and now telling me he doesn't seem to have time because he's going through a divorce


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  • Okay. Question?

    • you won't even give me a comment for a little xp? :/ damn.

      Not much to say anyway, you have the opinion that this guy is an a**hole based on his behavior. That is the summary of all you've wrote.

      Suppose I agree.

    • idc anymore cause I'm getting nothing from typing on this question without a like/dislike or a comment. :P

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  • I think you know what needs to happen. Emotionally, it's a lot to deal with when it's happening, but once you realize the whole package is a bad fit for a relationship, you have got to cut your losses and run.


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  • Why waste time and precious writing space for this dude? Girl, precious rule of thumb for a chick to survive. Don't give a sh*t if he doesn't give a sh*t and no touching your goods until he has wined and dined you, presented you to his friends and wants to hang ou with you on a nonsexual basis.

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