What can I do? So there's a guy in my student org who I recently started to really like.

so there's this guy in my student org and we're going to a conference together this weekend with the rest of the group. there are themed dances every night. I like him, obvs. how can I send signs- that aren't too obvious- that I want to dance with him? and kiss him? or is it impossible to be obvious but not overly so?


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  • You're going to hate me for this but you should just go up to him and say "dance with me". I know, I know.."but I don't wannnnnaaaaa" lol. Men, typically understand more straight forward ideas. Women do too, it's just that we make them seem so taboo because we don't want to come off as clingy or whatever it is that makes us not want to do it. If you realllllly like this guy and REALLY want to dance with him just say "dance with me" and take his hand, just start dancing. If he doesn't like to, just say "hey, no ones going to judge you and if someone laughs, just start laughing along". Women know that most men, either don't know how to dance or just don't like to dance...as long as you're making him feel comfortable, he'll dance


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  • just when you're with your friends, and the guy you like is near, say "so, I'm still looking for a date for the dance". Then look at him.