He used to text first, but he hasn't for 3 days. What's going on?

Yeah he hasn't text me for three days and used to initiate the convo and has for the last 2 weeks, but at the beginning of last week he wasn't feeling too well and we didn't talk as much, and when we did I initiated it. On the Monday he was fine, but when he was sick on the Tuesday I asked him what was up and he replied but obviously wasn't well so I told him I hoped he'd get better soon and left it at that. But then he didn't text me the whole time the next day and I initiated a convo on the Thursday and we had a really long chat (till early hours of the morning) and it was really lovely. But since then he hasn't text, but I know he's had work and stuff and maybe he's still ill.

I've been told loads of things, text him, don't text him, wait a week and see if he texts, really I just want an answer or some helpful advice. I don't want to leave it too long in case he thinks I'm not interested, but I also don't want to come across as clingy. Recently he's been fb messaging me because his phones been cut off. Do I inbox him something playful and casual that says "hey!I'm still interested, come and see me!" or do I wait like every one says. Or do I even go as far to ask if he's even interested in me?

Thanks for all your help :)


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  • Why do you wait almost every time until he texts you first? You can text him first too, you know. If you want him to think you're interested, text him, call him, do something. Nothing happens when you wait ;)

    Just text him, ask him how he's been, what he's up to, ... just stuff like that :)

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