Can you hang out with a guy and not date him?

I have a cool guy friend who likes me but I don't feel the same. I know this sounds shallow but he does not live on his own and he has little ambition to be more in life. so while I love his company I don't see us together in a romantic relationship or even marriage.

he says he is okay with being cool and hasn't tried to kiss me or anything and keeps his hands to himself. I actually dated a guy similar to him for 5 years that would not leave his moms house and wanted to live off me. it didn't work out for that reason.

I guess I want to know if it is possible to hang with a guy and keep it no committal and not consider dating. I also don't want to have to explain why he is not the one for me because I don't think is fair and kinda of mean. Not sure on what to do because I do enjoy his company.


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  • I feel like a broken record on this subject. No, and he is not OK with just being friends. He is hoping you change your mind some day. He hopes you break up with the next guy your with (is that a friend?). The more he is around you the more he is going to get hurt.


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