What's your opinion on a girl/guy who moves from person to person?

What would you think (honestly) of someone who is hardly ever single for more than two weeks or so? As is they find someone else very quickly after a relationship ends. What do you think of these people?

I can sort of understand why they wouldn't want to be single for long, and if there are people interested what have you got to lose. But I don't think I would feel comfortable dating someone like this, and I'm always worried I'll accidentally call their new partner by the wrong name. Haha, I can't keep up with these friends :P


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  • I feel indifferent towards it. I can't understand where people are coming from who that. I think it depends on your nature and what you want out of live. Some people life for love and love the game of love. Just because someone does move on from person to person does not mean the relationship did not mean anything to them necessarily and I think that's a misconception. It depends on how things ended with the person they were with before the new person appeared. That's what counts. If someone does a relationship but then leaves the person immediately for no good reason and ends up breaking the other one's heart then I pretty much have no respect for that person but if it's someone that just moves on quickly after say, a mutual break up then I don't see what the problem is.


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  • I have an ex like this I honestly think it's really pathetic. There basically serial daters, the reason is much deeper than trying to escape loneliness.


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