First Prom! Advice!

This is my first time going to prom and I have no clue how to prepare. All I know is that I should have some ideas in mind!

Can someone please give me advice on what to do!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm going to Prom for the first time this year too.

    And I'm totally and completely stoked! Lol.

    First, I would go with finding the perfect dress.

    Now, you should most definitely make sure that you absolutely love your dress as well as everything about it. You also have to love how it looks and fits you. Longer dresses or dresses with the full length gown is the best, in my opinion, for Prom.

    The other key is to make sure that you don't wait too long to go looking for a dress. There won't be a lot of choices and selections that there normally would be if you go about a month or so before your Prom.

    If you buy a dress that you only kinda like, you're not going to feel amazingly amazing in it. And that's how every girl should feel on her Prom night.

    I would go for your hair next. Make sure it's definitely something that you want for sure, but a hairstyle that would also go with the look of your dress as well. (:

    For you makeup, I would go for your original routine or for a natural look, but then I would add either an eyeshadow or an eyeliner for your top lid that matches the color of your dress. Just so it'll give you that extra punch, without over doing it. (:

    For the shoes, you have to really take in the details and color of your dress. The typical color of the perfect shoe is usual silver. Silver goes perfectly with dresses that have the 'metallic shininess' to them. It brings that shininess out. A strappy, high heeled shoe would probably be best, depending.

    Now for accessories, those are the key things that bring the best out of everything (:

    Most people don't wear shawls anymore, just as a tip.

    I would go for a clutch purse that would go with your dress, of course.

    For nails, I would go with a french manicure as well as for your toes as well. It's the classiest choice, that goes with anything and everything. (:

    And as far as the other answerer said, I would also go with their tips as well. (:

    And just remember, have fun, be safe, and make it a memorable night you'll never forget.



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What Guys Said 1

  • well I know that I asked my prom date on valentines day, so that gave her 3 months to prepare, id say take that amount of time in order to get the dress, know how you want to do your makeup and accessories and all that good stuff... that way when it comes time, you won't be rushing around making people (and especially him)...LATE


What Girls Said 2

  • I went to two proms- mine and my hs boyfriend's (we went to different schools). I had a lot of fun. I bought my dresses several months in advance and spent the rest of the time searching for the perfect accessories (bag, shoes and jewelry are a must, a shrug or some kind of wrap is a nice touch depending on the dress, also think about what you want in your hair). Keep in mind that you might have to have your dress altered. (Almost any dry cleaner will alter it for you. One of my dresses was too long and an unusual color, and beaded, so when I got it hemmed I took home some of the excess fabric and made my own bag to match.) Your manicure (French style is classiest and goes with everything) should be done a day or two before. (Get a pedicure to match the manicure- even if you're not wearing strappy sandals or peep-toes, lots of girls end up taking off their shoes to dance, especially at the end of the night.) Unless you or someone close to you is incredibly talented, get your hair done professionally either the day before or the day of, depending on the style. For makeup, if you're not really good at putting it on you should go to a department store or somewhere like Sephora and have them show you how to put it on, maybe even go there the day of to get it done. If you're planning on getting a facial should be done about three days before, under no circumstances should you get it the same day (an at-home face mask is a okay, though). Have fun, be safe, and don't forget the limo arrangements.

  • Starting now is porbably a little late if you are in charge of planning the whole night. I'd say you should start planning 6mths in advanced but I didn't either. Of course you need a dress but make sure to set up appts if you are getting your hair and nails done to be from your stylist being overbooked. come up with ideas for hairstyles. find a date or workout a group of friends to go with because its more fun to go with others. save some cash to pay for food and let your parents know asap what ur plans are.

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