There's 2 guys I like but my reaction to each one is completely different, why?

First guy: I like him, he likes me too, when I see him my heart pounds and I get nervous and shy around him, I hide it well but I get really happy after I see him and I just want more.

Second guy: I like him too and he seems into me, I don't get really nervous around him and I'm still shy but I'm not nervous and my body isn't going nuts with emotion and he's actually better looking then the first guy. So I'm just wondering since I like these guys equally the same, why does one make me go crazy and one calms me?


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  • Here is the thing... I don't feel you do like them both the same I will explain... the first guy its a mutual attraction, your heart races, and you get nervous and shy. These are usually signs of possibly something special and definitely the potential of being boyfriend/girlfriend. He also makes you happy and you can't get enough of him. The 2nd guy I think you view this guy more as a friend. You may like him but the reason why you don't get nervous around him is probably because you view him as more than a friend, so that is why you aren't nervous around him because you don't usually get nervous around friends. Plus I think you just add in there too that you think guy 2 is more attractive (to even the playing field) There's just so much more to a relationship than attractiveness...dont get me wrong there has a be a phsyical attraction to each other to make any relationship work, but there is just so much more to it than that. The reason why someone gets nervous when dating is because they like the other person, they don't want to screw it up. I hope this helps! Best of luck to you!


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