Did it bother him? Or Did it not?

I was staying the night with the guy I am dating currently, when my phone kept going off around 1-3am.

We are both in college, so I seem to get drunk texts a lot, but I ignore all of them.

He asked me who was texting me at this time in the morning and I told him just stupid people.

he then said, well who would be texting you at this time of night?

It was weird that he was asking so many questions..but curious if he just seemed interested or did it bother him?


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  • It might have bothered him. Normally that time of the morning is when drunk friends or lonely hookups try to call, either one which probably doesn't enhance his image of you. Imagine being in his shoes for a moment. Around 3am his phone starts to light up. Even if he ignores it, aren't you going to wonder if a lot of his friends get drunk frequently or perhaps it is a random horny girl trying to steal him away from you?

    Friends do not call that late at night usually. If it are your friends calling late at night, tell them to either knock it off, or if they are random people, block their numbers. Last but not least, if you have no intention of hanging out that late at night, completely turn off your phone or at least put it totally on silent so he won't think you are such a complete party animal that you never sleep or that a lot of your friends enjoy getting drunk constantly.

    If I were in his shoes, I'd be concerned for all the reasons above. If you reverse the roles, it would be hard for you to believe all of his intentions are honorable if he gets a non-stop barrage of text messages at 3am. Correct the behavior via the advice above so you won't be giving him wrong impressions of yourself.

  • he was just asking some questions why are you over reacting


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