How long should I wait for him to contact me?

guys and girls help me out.

how long do i have until i have the rights to get angry or disappointed at a guy for not texting.

he didn't text all day friday, i finally texted on saturday but he sounded busy and then today he hasn't texted all day and finally i texted first again.

he's my boyfriend and he hasn't been this mia the past month that i was away from him. (i'm currently out of town for an intership)

i don't know if i should get disappointed. guys talk to me girls talk to me

and i don't know if i do wanna get mad, if i should do it over text or wait until i'm back in town.


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  • dont get mad, he might be busy spending time with friends he didn't spend time with while you were with him all the time. talk to him about it, tell him you need to feel like you are important to him and a text every few hours to show he is thinking of you or a phone call to tell you how beautiful you are and how much he loves and misses you and good night shouldn't be too hard to ask for.

    • yeah? ok.. that makes me feel better... I text him telling him what I was going to do. I know he's seen my text (we use this app to text each other that shows whether the person's seen the text or not) but no response even now... so tomorrow if he still doesn't text me should I just tell him something like "baby I just want to hear from you here and there to know that I you are thinking of me" <-- ? doesn't that sound too clingy?

    • i don't think so

  • why is this even a big deal I don't understand, he didn't text your for a couple days so what's the big deal

    • really you think so? Like we've been apart for a month now! everyday he was like "baby I miss you. can't wait till you come back" but now he's all of a sudden disappeared. So it's normal for guys to not be in touch for a few days? He's my first so I don't know what to think. :( but if you say it's normal... then yeah ok...

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    • yeah just be chill

    • thanks man...

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