We keep going on dates but there's no progression into something more. Is she too busy or what?

I met this awesome girl 3 months ago and we have been talking ever since. It sucks because when we first started talking she was very flirty/friendly/talkative with me. But then she became super busy, and I mean as busy as they get. I'm surprised she has time for me.

But the problem is, now she doesn't really show any interest towards me. When we text it takes her about 10hrs to respond (but when she does they're nice long texts). It seems like she only shows interest my responding to my signs of interest if that makes sense, as if I'm the only one putting out an effort.

For example, we just got back from our fourth date. She didn't do anything to show interest in me, besides smiling and laughing at things I have to say, talking a lot (which is good) and holding my hand back when I reach for hers. She doesn't give me the "look" to kiss her at all so all we've done is hold hands and hug.

Its confusing because we keep going on the occasional date (4 in two months plus two group dates) but they're never anything more than a night out where I treat her to dinner and a hockey game after (she loves hockey games), but that's it. Its like I have to constantly put forth an effort to keep things progressive but she doesn't allow anything to go anywhere. We just meet each other, walk to where we're going, talk, laugh, and end the night.

I know she had recently gotten out of a bad relationship over half a year ago, and told a mutual friend that she "isn't looking for a relationship right now". But she was the one who initially showed interest/pursued me. Plus we keep going on dates every once in a while (when she's free) and she holds my hand and talks with me...

My question is, what's going on here? Does she just want to be friends? Would she keep going on dates with me and holding my hand and stuff if she didn't like me? even if she doesn't show any interest other than that?

My theory is that she likes me but doesn't want to take anything further because she's too busy right now.. But she hasn't openly said anything..

I feel like I've made my intentions perfectly clear to her. I just don't know how she feels about me. I can't comprehend why she would keep going on dates with me and not allow anything to go further. I like her a lot but her behavior is leaving me so confused. I feel like I can't even explain the whole story its so strange..

Any advice or comments from anyone? is it because she's busy or what? I really need some help here. I like her so I want to wait for her... but is there even a chance this will ever end?


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  • The biggest blow off ever, but you think she secretly likes you? Uh, ok

    • um.. how is it a blow off if she keeps going on dates with me? did you even read this? She'd be blowing me off if I asked her on dates and she made excuses not to go.. then I would get the hint

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    • So you're a good comfort friend or whatever. Besides, some people just don't have it in them to be alone and create this kind of situation.

    • @dipta That is so true.

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