I'm going on a group holiday and like two of the guys?

They are both really sweet nice guys and are liked by everyone so I'm having a hard time choosing. Yes I know there is a possibility only one or neither like me but I don't want to play them against each other or anything.

Guy 1- when I'm with him he ignores everyone else and doesn't leave my side for a second. He acts like I'm the only thing in the room that matters. But if I'm not with him or I don't text him first he doesn't invite me out. He got me a job and whenever I see him he walks me to my bus and will wait an hour in the cold with me until the bus gets there. We've had some flirty chat but it never goes farther than that. The last time I saw him he got a bit touchy trying to tickle me and held my hand for a few seconds. He's giving major mixed signals- he's 2 years older than me. All my friends who have seen us together say it seems like he must like me. And our mutual friends say I know him better and have seen a different side(his more jokey side-he's quite conservative)that they know of him

Guy2- I don't know him as well but when we are in a big group he always tries to remind people to speak English so I don't get left out, without me saying anything or mentioning that it bugs me. He tried to get me a job. He always answers every message right away. But we Haven't had much flirty chat. He's very shy with girls. I don't know him that well but a mutual friend says she thinks he likes me. He's a year younger than me


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  • First feels little better from what you said. Feels like a good company.

    But it always depends on what you feel towards them. I think 90% about good couple is not what individuals are like but how they match. So you have to decide for yourself. Perhaps you don't have you choose any of them yet and spend some time with both of them. Just like friends. That might help you decide.

    • Well I do know him more but I can't figureout why would someone who seems to be so interested in person act so indifferent otherwise.

      I have admitted my situation to two girls who are coming on the trip as well

      So they are going to watch both guys reactions to me. To see if either actually like me

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    • Oh no I meant anything extra- I'm gonna act the same but I didn't know if there was so clue guys look for other than me getting wasted and flatput jumping on him...

      The thing is I do go to him the only times we meet are when I go to him or by accident all three times he was going to meet me he cancelled(fir good reasons 2)

    • If he does something you like compliment that.

      Girls like little more compliments on who they are/how they look. Guys like compliments on what they did, on their accomplishments. It doesn't have to be anything special. If he opens door for you thank him. Even simple paying attention to what he does is great.

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