Should I call a guy who only text messages?

I just met a guy, who is interested and has said so via text. We are going to see each other in two weeks (we live two hours apart). However, he has not called me (granted we just met two days ago). I 'd like to get to know him a little more rather than just via texting. If he doesn't call me in a few days, is it appropriate for me to call him? Or is he just not that interested?


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  • He may be unsure when to call, nervous about talking on the phone, or text is just more convenient for him.

    If you're interested in getting to know him, calling him would be just fine.


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  • Text messaging is the most non-confrontational method of communication. It can be hard to get the nerve together to call. However, once we get past our 30's the guy really should have what it takes to call.

    Instead of calling, I would say that at the next text, let him know that you want to talk instead of just texting. That's all. See what comes of it. If he cannot get the nerve up to call at that point, I would reconsider seeing him. You two live far apart, you are waiting 2 weeks for a date, and if he cannot call and hold a conversation, I don't see the staying power necessary to keep this going.

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